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Cabrillo Education Foundation (CEF) is a non-profit organization that operates independently - but in partnership with - the Cabrillo Unified School District for the benefit of enriching educational excellence for the students attending our local public schools.

Our Mission

We champion success for Coastside public school students.

Our Core Values

CEF will serve as a trusted steward of the coastside community by adhering to a clear set of core values that will guide our focus, actions, and decision-making.


CEF is an advocate and co-lead in The Big Lift, a ground-breaking national demonstration model and grant program that has brought millions of dollars to our community to improve preschool literacy.

CEF does not receive this money. CEF’s role as advocate provided a $50,000 required community cash grant match and a sustainable source of funds to continue literacy gains through 3rd grade.


CEF has developed partnerships with major community organizations, including CUSD, Coastside Children’s Programs, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, in order to advance literacy and college and career readiness.


CEF has funded the expansion of AVID from 6th-12th grade to prepare students for college and career.

CEF is providing Faculty/Student Innovation grants to inspire cutting edge transformations in teaching and technology.


Proceeds from CEF’s endowment continue to sustain high quality academic programs in Literacy, College & Career Readiness and Learning & Enrichment for our students.

Our 2017/18 Allocations

CEF funds academic programs in three areas: Literacy, College and Career Readiness, and Innovation Grants. CEF’s endowment fund has given out over $700,000 in just four years to support initiatives in science, literacy, teacher professional development, computer science and more.

For the 2017/2018 school year, CEF has allocated  $166,500 for:

K-3 Literacy:

National evidence based professional teacher development for grades K - 3 early literacy and materials.

  • Reader's Workshop: $57,600
  • Informational Literacy: $22,400

College and Career Readiness:

CEF is partnering with CUSD to bring the national award winning AVID curriculum for College and Career Readiness courses to both the middle and high schools. For the first time it will now be a 6th-12th grade program so that all our students develop the critical thinking and organizational skills to be prepared for and successful in college. CEF is also funding Computer science classes and science curriculum instructor collaboration time for elementary through high school.

  • AVID 6th Grade and 12th: $25,000
  • Computer Science: $47,000
  • Science Teacher Collaboration: $6,500

Innovation Grants:

CEF is seeking to inspire new innovations and providing eight $1000 grants for CUSD student/faculty sponsored innovations.

  • Faculty/Student Innovation Grants: $8,000

Past Years Allocations

Download the PDF to view the results for the $172,018 CEF allocated for the 2017/18 school year.

Download the PDF to view the results for the $175,500 CEF allocated for the 2016/17 school year.

Download the PDF to view the results for the $180,000 CEF allocated for the 2015/16 school year.

Download the PDF to view the results for the $145,000 CEF allocated for the 2014/15 school year.